The Band



Guitar/Vocals – Gretchen Calder:

14 years old, Has been surrounded by music from day one. Spending the first part of her life in her parents recording studio performing musically and vocally on various recordings. At age 6, she discovered the love of stage, playing the lead role in Annie, which led to years of theater whether it be dramatic or musical. Most recently she was featured on the Oxygen Channel in she made me do it. Dabbling in various instruments, focusing now on guitar, she has found that writing original songs and recording them is something she is passionate about. Currently on two competitive dance teams, she hopes one day to become the Lindsey Stirling of guitar!



Drums/Vocals – Mackenzie Mahay:

14 years old, a middle child who vowed to never take a back seat to anyone. That includes her father, who played major league baseball for 22 years. At four years old she performed in her first muscial, Peter Pan, and found her niche. Determined to expand upon her new-found talents, she began taking singing, dancing and acting lessons. Landing a role on the second season of Nickelodeon’s School of Rock, encouraged her boisterous nature making it an obvious choice to become one of the loudest girl drummers in L.A.



Bass/Vocals – Gabby Garcia:

15 years old, spent the first few years traveling with her parents who at the time had a variety/circus act. During their travels, they taught her various circus-type skill like juggling, stilt walking and trick jump-roping. When Gabby was 8, she performed with her parents at “The Magic Castle” and is the youngest performer to have ever graced their main stage. As she has always loved music, writing and performing the electric bass was a perfect addition to her bag of tricks. While quiet and thoughtful, as you get to know her, you will appreciate her dry sense of humor.